Our core services include:

  • Regulatory Advisory and Impact Assessment
    • The years following the global financial crisis have seen an onslaught of new financial markets regulation. We support firms in identification of new regulatory developments, regulatory interpretation and definition of regulatory requirements as they apply to your own business model. We also support and represent the interests of clients in engagement with industry bodies and regulators. Across regulations such as MiFID II / MiFIR, Dodd-Frank, EMiR and MAR, we have undertaken a number of scoping and impact analysis exercises for a range of clients, from tier-1 investment banks to niche brokers. We specialise in cross-border impact analysis – looking at a firm’s global business operations and the complex and highly nuanced impact of regulation across all jurisdictions.
  • Regulatory Change Implementation
    • We provide support throughout the implementation process, in terms of:
      • Scope documentation.
      • On-going scoping and identification of emerging developments from regulators.
      • Business Requirements Definition and documentation.
      • Problem-solving – supporting implementation teams in identifying practical yet compliant solutions to challenging operational problems.
      • Drafting of client communications and assistance with client outreach programmes.
      • Training of internal staff.
  • Strategy Advisory, Definition and Implementation
    • Markets Evolution’s niche expertise in market structure and cross-border financial markets regulation gives us a unique perspective and insight on the challenges facing firms in realising their strategic ambitions. We work closely with out clients to drive out their business goals and help refine and define these in light of the legal and regulatory climate in which they operate. Further down the line, we also assist with scope definition, operating model definition and business change implementation.

We have first-hand experience of setting up and launching new markets and trading venues, across a range of asset classes. For clients wishing to establish new businesses, we provide consultancy in:

  • Trading model and market structure strategy – for both existing / highly liquid, or new / less liquid instruments, with a focus on identifying the trading model and market structure to suit our clients’ individual businesses.
  • Regulatory expertise – from advice on applicable regulatory regimes to assistance in the FCA (or other regulatory body) authorisation process.
  • Product development – assistance with product structuring, communication to market participants.
  • Technology advice and selection – guidance on vendor selection for bespoke builds or off-the-shelf solutions.
  • Project management and co-ordination – helping to establish programme governance, project and workstream initiation and management through to operational readiness, participant / client on-boarding and launch.

We partner with industry specialists, selected vendors and service providers to provide innovative propositions and deliver end-to-end solutions.

In addition, we provide subject matter expertise to consultancies, legal firms, auditors and other professional service providers.

Please contact us for further information on our service offerings, partner programme and SME services.